Thursday, June 16, 2016

1979 R&J Cook Petite Sirah

6/11/16-Knitters dinner at the McGuires, serving a Hawaiian theme menu with huli huli chicken, coconut rice, broccoli and snap peas.  The very enjoyable aged wine fooled all but Gary Rose, who happened to grow up with Robert Cook.

1985 Christian Brothers Cabernet

6/10/16-Friday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  A thirty year old $6 wine was a very pleasant wine and one participant thought it to be an expensive Bordeaux.

1971 Winkeler Gutenburg Auslese Riesling

5/26/16- Friday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  Amazing, delicious desert wine.  Very enjoyable. 

1981 Essensia Orange Muscat

5/19/16- Thursday El Dorado Hills wine tasting. 

1980 Boeger Hangtown Red

5/13/16-Knitters tasting and dinner at the Curtis home.  Another enjoyable red wine.  Made from Petite Syrah, Zinfandel and Cabernet.  

1985 Berncasteler Doctor Riesling

5/12/16- The brown bag wine sampled at the Thursday wine tasting at the Folsom Lakeforest wine store was an elegant German Riesling from the famous Doctor vineyard.  The Bernkasteler Doctor is only 8.1 acres in size but its place in the wine world is legendarily grand.  In the 13th century, the Archbishop of Trier was in this area of the Mosel Valley when he became deathly ill.  After countless cures didn’t work, he was poured Riesling from a humble flask from this vineyard and was cured.  From then on, it became known as “The Doctor”.  Today, it is the most expensive agricultural land in all of Germany.

1987 Rolly Gassman Pinot Blanc

5/6/16-Friday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  This wine received the best response ever for an older white wine.  Incredibly enjoyable wine.