Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glenlivet Scotch Tasting

10/16/09-The Friday night wine group that meets at Sam’s Lakeside Beverages regrouped at the home of Carl and Kathy Hennige for dinner and an interesting scotch tasting. The beverages consisted of a standard Cutty Sark, and 12, 18 and 28 year old Glenlivet’s. Needless to say the results were quite predicable and the 28 year old scotch blew away the others by a significant margin.

1979 & 1981 Z/D Pinot Noir

10/14/09-The Wednesday knitters were hosted by Ross and Donna McGuire and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of a 1981 Z/D pinot noir. The wine showed little sign of ageing, was extremely fruity and was greatly enjoyed by all. This wine has many years of life left in it. A 1979 Z/D pinot noir did not survive as well and was undrinkable, probably due to a deteriorating cork.