Thursday, November 12, 2015

1987 Rolly Gassman Pinot Blanc-Alsace

11/5/15- Thursday El Dorado Wine Tasting.  Raj must be reading my emails.  He nailed this wine, both grape and year. 

1982 Long Chardonnay

10/29/15-Thursday El Dorado Wine Tasting.  Another outstanding aged chardonnay from Zelma Long.  Still fruity and enjoyable.  The Heidi Barrett of the 70’s. 

1984 Caymus Cabernet

10/15/15-Thursday El Dorado Wine Tasting.  Raj and Robert nailed this one. 

1986 Wagner Seyval Blanc

10/2/15-Knitters tasting and dinner at the home of Gary and Laura.  The wine was from Finger Lake Region, Lodi, New York, and was a thoroughly fruity and enjoyable white wine.  Most thought it to be an excellent aged chardonnay.

1985 Clos du Bois Cabernet

9/18/15-Knitters tasting and dinner at the Vik’s home.  A delicious wine.

1985 Stags Leap Wine Cellar Cabernet

8/11/15-Knitters tasting and dinner at the Faust home.  Awesome wine.

1985 Christian Brothers Cabernet

5/28/15-Thursday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  Not nearly as pleasant as the 1984 enjoyed last week.  Confused most everyone.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1984 Christian Brothers Cabernet

5/22/15-Knitters tasting and dinner at the Rose-Laskowski home.  This wine was incredibly fruity and enjoyable.

1984 Livermore Cellars Grey Riesling

5/21/15-Thursday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  Most guessed this wine to be a chardonnay; all except Steve Price who nailed it.

1986 Mure Pinot Gris

5/14/15-Thursday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  Most guessed this wine to be a gewurztraminer. A pleasant easy drinking wine.

1983 Caymus Cabernet

5/7/15-Thursday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  An outstanding example of a well made Napa cabernet.  Tim Curtis guessed cabernet after a few false try’s and Raj aced it as a mid 80 cab from Caymus or Heitz.

1984 Monticello Cabernet

4/30/15-Thursday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  This time all participants guessed pinot noir.  A quite fruity cabernet. 

1983 Fitch Mountain Cabernet (bottled for Stanford Alumni)

4/21/15-Thursday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  All participants guessed this wine to be a zinfandel, primarily because it was so intensely fruity.  Very enjoyable.

Monday, April 20, 2015

1981 Jekel Johannesburg Riesling

4/9/15-Thursday tasting.  Drinkable but unremarkable.

1979 Sterling Chardonnay

4/2/15-Thursday tasting.  A fruity well made wine that was enjoyed by most.

1983 Sterling Cabernet

3/19/15-Thursday tasting at the Hennige’s.  A well made wine still alive.

NV Bogle Petite Sirah

3/11/15-Knitters at the Vik’s home.  All thought it to be a zinfandel.  Still healthy and enjoyable.

1984 La Crema Pinot Noir

3/5/15-Thursday tasting.  Most thought it to be a zinfandel.  Very fruity and enjoyable

1980 Montevina Cabernet

2/12/15-Thursday tasting.  This wine fooled most participants. 

1981 Mansion Cellars Cabernet

2/11/15-Kitters at the Faust home.  Another aged wine that was quite enjoyable.

1980 Fisher Chardonnay

2/5/15-Thursday tasting.  Again, Fred Fisher had made an excellent well ageing chardonnay thoroughly enjoyed by all.

1979 Fisher Chardonnay

1/29/15-Thursday tasting.  This wine was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with several participants coming back for seconds.  Keith Faust again nailed this wine.

1978 Jordan Cabernet

1/24/15-An awesome well aged cabernet was the brown bag wine at the Rose-Laskowski pink champagne tasting.  Keith Faust nailed this one.

1977 Rutherford Vintners Cabernet

1/22/15-This aged cabernet fooled most, with a wide range of guesses. 

NV R&J Cook Varietal Red

1/14/15-Knitters at the Hennige’s provided another Clarksburg wine by Roger and Joann Cook.  The grapes were cabernet-50%, Petite Sirah-20%, Merlot-16%, Napa Gamay-15%.  I guess the bottle was over-filled by 1%.

1976 Burgess Cabernet

1/8/15-Thursday tasting at El Dorado wine store provided an unusual tasting older wine that confused all but Keith and Gary.  Other guesses included Bordeaux, pinot noir and zinfandel.

Bordeaux Tasting

1/02/15-Wines consumed at a burger dinner at the Curtis home.

1971 Winkeler Gutenberg Riesling

12/26/14-Friday tasting at El Dorado wine store featured a near-50 year old German Riesling that was still drinkable and did not fool Raj or Tim Curtis.

1985 Monticello Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer

12/20/14-A still healthy dessert wine enjoyed at the McGuire Christmas party.

1980 Ch. St. Jean Muscat Canelli

12/18/14-Thursday wine tasting featured a delicious Muscat that Raj guessed.