Saturday, March 28, 2009

1980 St. Clement Cabernet

3/25/09-The Wednesday Knitters were hosted by Dave and Ann Vik, and enjoyed an amazing example of a well made, aged California cabernet. The 1980 St. Clement showed negligible signs of ageing other than a minimal amount of tannin producing a soft, fruity, elegant cab. Flavors of cassis, coffee and a hint of pepper that led some reviewers to guess zinfandel. Congratulations to the winemaker for this excellent and enjoyable cabernet.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Judgment of Folsom (as opposed to Paris)

3/18/09-You will recall the historic blind wine judging conducted in Paris where California chardonnay and cabernet wines won first place against the best of the French white burgundies (chardonnays) and red Bordeaux. The event was made into a movie “Bottle Shock”. Well, the Knitters conducted a similar blind tasting pitting a Robert Parker 91 point red burgundy against two California pinot noir’s. The wines were:

Wine #1-2005 Albert Morot Beaune les Bressandes Burgundy-Robert Parker 91 Points, $50
Wine #2-2006 Laetitia Pinot Noir Arroyo Grande-$38
Wine #3-2005 Donum Carneros Est. Pinot Noir-Robert Parker 91 Points, $64

The tasting did not result in the California wines coming in as clear winners, as in the 1976 Paris tasting; however, the pinot noir from Laetitia did hold it’s own against a 91 point burgundy selling for 30% more. The Donum was disappointing to most everyone primarily due to the smoky, earthy, barnyard nose and some sulfur that eventually blew off.

Wine #1 received 6 first place votes.
Wine #2 received 5 first place votes.
Wine #3 received 1 first place vote.

An unbagged 2000 Lemelson Pinot Noir, Stermer Vineyard, (Oregon Willamette Region) was also tasted and many felt would have placed ahead of them all.

The knitters also tasted a 25 year old Duff Gordon sherry wine imported by Corti Brothers. Some liked, some did not.

1973 Inglenook Cabernet, Cask C8

3/4/09-The knitters were hosted by Gary Rose and Laura Laskowski, and enjoyed another well aged cabernet. The 73 Inglenook was surprisingly healthy and enjoyable, attesting to the excellent winemaking skills of many of the winemakers of the era.