Thursday, December 30, 2010

1980 David Bruce Pinot Noir

12/29/10-The Wednesday Knitters were hosted by Ross and Donna McGuire and presented the group with an outstanding assortment of champagne, some good wine, chicken gumbo and a lot of toasting and singing. The brown bag wine of the night was a superb example of a well made California wine, a 1980 pinot noir by David Bruce. The 30 year old wine held its own against a 2008 Caplaux pinot noir.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Dinner

12/25/10-Members of the Folsom Wine Group enjoyed an outstanding Christmas dinner at the home of Keith and Helen Faust. The delicious main dishes of roast beef and ham were complimented with the following wines, with Wine Spectator (WS) or Robert Parker (RP) ratings noted: 04 Chatoupier Ermitage (Rhone white wine) RP94, 03 Schramsberg Sparkling Wine WS92, 00 Lynch Bages RP95+, 07 Kobalt Cabernet WS95, 08 Lewis Caberrnet WS93, 06 Hall Cabernet WS94, 02 Hartwell Cabernet WS92, 06 Altus Cabernet WS02(05), 06 Chimney Rock Magnum, and a delicious 08 Thomas Pinot Noir provided by Lionel Wade.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

1987 Cilurzo Petite Sirah & 1972 Caymus Pinot Noir

12/8/10-The Knitters annual Christmas gathering and exchange of gifts was hosted by Laura Laskowski and Gary Rose. The participants enjoyed two brown bag older wines, a 1987 Petite Sirah from Cilurzo Vineyards in Temecula provided by Gary Rose, and a 1972 Caymus Pinot Noir provided by Carl Hennige. The Petite Sirah was unusually light, smooth and fruity, with flavors of spice and hints of cedar and dried currant, and was guessed by most to be a cabernet. The Pinot Noir was somewhat past its prime with flavors of walnuts and red currant. The knitters sang Christmas Carols with a Karaoke.

15th Wedding Anniversary

11/30/10-Carl and Kathy Hennige celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary with an exceptional 1995 Heitz Cellars cabernet.

Older Wine Party

11/12/10-The Folsom Wine Group met at the Hennige home to taste numerous "older" wines, which were: 1971 Lanson Champagne, 1987 Recolte French Chablis, 1979 Mondavi Chardonnay, 1987 Mure' Pinot Blanc, 1990 Chalone Chenin Blanc, 1980 Charles Krug Gewurztraminer, 1979 Margaux Bordeaux, 1984 Keenan Merlot, 1974 Ch. Montelena Cabernet, 1980 Lytton Springs Zinfandel, 1978 Z/D Pinot Noir, 1985 Clos du Mont-Olivet Rhone, 1981 Pat Paulsen Muscat Canelli, and a 1985 Santino Late Harvest White Zinfandel. The hits of the tasting were the Margaux, Montelena Cab and the Lytton Springs Zin.