Thursday, December 18, 2008

1984 Forman Cabernet

12/17/08-The Wednesday Knitters enjoyed another brown bag older cabernet. The 84 Forman had held up marvelously over time and presented a very fruity, youthful wine. The participants guessed it as a California wine due to its intense fruit, with flavors of black cassis and leather/coffee. Tim Curtis went back two more times and as before, Ann Vik chose it for her dinner wine. The wine had deposited significant sediment, more than I can ever remember for an older wine. This properly cellared wine was a good contrast with the previously tasted 84 Clos du Bois.

The Knitters had their annual gift exchange and the spouse’s mistook their wine glass holder
gifts for winter nose protectors.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Champagne Tasting

12/15/08-Gary Rose and Laura Laskowski hosted a Monday night brown bag Champagne tasting for the knitters. The lineup was 7 French Champagnes and 1 California sparkling wine, all recommended by Carrie Boyle, manager of the new Total Wines store in Roseville. Four wines were in the price range of $25-$40 and four at $10-$12. As one might expect, the pricier wines came in first, second and third. The $30 Oudinot did not show as well; however, our local Champagne aficionado, Kathy Hennige, had it as her third choice. The Paul Georg Brut was clearly the favorite of the group, getting 5 first place votes out of 9. Thanks Gary and Laura for a great evening.

1 Paul Georg Blanc de Blanc $30 8
2 Pertois-Moriset Brut $30 1
3 Perrier-Jouet Brut $40 3
4 St. Germain Brut $10 2
5 Louis Bouillot Brut $12 4
6 Oudinot Cuvee Brut $30 5
7 Korbel Brut $10 7
8 Francois Montand Brut $10 6

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1984 Clos Du Bois Cabernet

12/10/08-Tim and Jane Curtis hosted the Wednesday Wino Band practice and provided a brown bag 1984 Clos Du Bois cabernet that had suffered years of abuse and neglect. The wine was not unpleasant; however, it had little resemblance to its youth and tasted more like sherry wine. This wine demonstrates the value in proper cellaring, inasmuch as we have sampled numerous 1984 cabernets that were cellared at 58 degrees, and they had stood the test of time and provided enjoyable drinking (Acacia, Forman, Laurel Glen, Caymus, etc.).

Friday, December 5, 2008

1976 Ch. Lagrange 1976 Ch. Cos d'Estournel

12/3/08-The Wednesday Knitters enjoyed a comparison of two 1976 Bordeaux wines, a lesser known third growth wine (LaGrange) and a more expensive second growth wine (Cos d’Estournel). The Lagrange had not aged well with significant browning and hints of vinegar, whereas the Cos was still quite fruity, little browning and flavors of red cassis and coffee. All seemed to enjoy the Cos and Ann Vik preferred it over 6 fruity young wines for her dinner wine.