Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Champagne Tasting

12/15/08-Gary Rose and Laura Laskowski hosted a Monday night brown bag Champagne tasting for the knitters. The lineup was 7 French Champagnes and 1 California sparkling wine, all recommended by Carrie Boyle, manager of the new Total Wines store in Roseville. Four wines were in the price range of $25-$40 and four at $10-$12. As one might expect, the pricier wines came in first, second and third. The $30 Oudinot did not show as well; however, our local Champagne aficionado, Kathy Hennige, had it as her third choice. The Paul Georg Brut was clearly the favorite of the group, getting 5 first place votes out of 9. Thanks Gary and Laura for a great evening.

1 Paul Georg Blanc de Blanc $30 8
2 Pertois-Moriset Brut $30 1
3 Perrier-Jouet Brut $40 3
4 St. Germain Brut $10 2
5 Louis Bouillot Brut $12 4
6 Oudinot Cuvee Brut $30 5
7 Korbel Brut $10 7
8 Francois Montand Brut $10 6

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