Thursday, November 12, 2015

1987 Rolly Gassman Pinot Blanc-Alsace

11/5/15- Thursday El Dorado Wine Tasting.  Raj must be reading my emails.  He nailed this wine, both grape and year. 

1982 Long Chardonnay

10/29/15-Thursday El Dorado Wine Tasting.  Another outstanding aged chardonnay from Zelma Long.  Still fruity and enjoyable.  The Heidi Barrett of the 70’s. 

1984 Caymus Cabernet

10/15/15-Thursday El Dorado Wine Tasting.  Raj and Robert nailed this one. 

1986 Wagner Seyval Blanc

10/2/15-Knitters tasting and dinner at the home of Gary and Laura.  The wine was from Finger Lake Region, Lodi, New York, and was a thoroughly fruity and enjoyable white wine.  Most thought it to be an excellent aged chardonnay.

1985 Clos du Bois Cabernet

9/18/15-Knitters tasting and dinner at the Vik’s home.  A delicious wine.

1985 Stags Leap Wine Cellar Cabernet

8/11/15-Knitters tasting and dinner at the Faust home.  Awesome wine.

1985 Christian Brothers Cabernet

5/28/15-Thursday El Dorado Hills wine tasting.  Not nearly as pleasant as the 1984 enjoyed last week.  Confused most everyone.