Sunday, February 22, 2009

1980 Silver Oak Cabernet-Napa, 1984 Summit Lake Zinfandel-Howell, NV La Fiole Chat-de-Pape

2/4/09-The knitters hosted by Carl and Kathy Hennige all enjoyed three older brown bag wines. The 80 Silver Oak cabernet had been resting in a Sacramento front room for 30 years and reflected the variable temperature storage, showing a loss of fruit and a note of vinegar. The 1984 Summit Lake zinfandel provided by Gary Rose and Laura Laskowski was guessed to be an older cabernet by some. The Ch. De Pape provided by Keith and Helen Faust was an unusual oddly shaped, dirty looking bottle; however, the wine was young, fruity and very typical of a good Rhone wine. The Wine Spectator writes: “Pére Anselme created in the 1950’s, in collaboration with glass craftsmen and ceramists, this original bottle which shape reminds one of the Rhône Valley vine plants. This wine is non vintaged because it is a blend of the best "cuvées" from different vintages. Therefore the constant high quality from one year to another explains its worldwide success: it is one of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape bottles the most sold in the World-92 points."

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