Friday, November 7, 2008

1979 Ridge York Creek Cabernet

11-5-08-The Knitters enjoyed a brown bag 1979 Ridge York Creek Cabernet that has refused to age. The group was split fairly evenly between being a younger or older wine, and voiced a wide range of varietal guesses. Everyone agreed, however, that it was a very enjoyable experience. Big, fruity, lots of black berry and coffee flavors, little tannin, lots of sediment.
Napa County, 88% Cab, 12% Merlot, Spring Mountain, 13.8% alc
In 1979, for the first time, we were able to make each cabernet block at York Creek separately. The resulting wines confirmed the notable effect that soil and exposure can have. Although some blocks stood out, the finest, most complex wine was the combination of all but one. As it develops, oak from the small cooperage will contribute a further dimension to the peppery cabernet fruit so typical of this vineyard. With four to five years of bottle age, it should be showing its full quality.

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