Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jordan Cabernet Vertical

7/4/06 (4th of July Bash)-In 1978 the two “hot” wines were the first release of the Jordan cabernet (1976), and the Ch. St. Jean Robert Young Vineyards chardonnay. The Jordan cabs were flying off the shelves and most people purchased it by the case. The wine was smooth as silk, very fruity, little tannin and complex flavors. The 1977 Jordan was a huge disappointment for most people, having a strong vegetal component. The 1978 Jordan was the first from their own vineyards, and was an enormous success; a more conventional cab than the 76, with the potential for ageing.

The surprises of the Jordan vertical were twofold: (1) the 1976 had aged very well, and despite coming in last in the judging, was very pleasant, and (2) the 1977 had lost its vegetal component (as did the 3 Jekel cabernets reported in an earlier post). Following are the tasting notes and ranking by the 18 participants:

1 1983 Good fruit and finish, black cherries
2 1980 Young and fruity, very complex flavors, good finish
3 1982 Pleasant nose, good up front fruit
4 1981 Mouth filling, still a bit tannic, slight vege component
5 1978 Olives/green pepper, chocolate, cherries
6 1979 Red currants, seamless
7 1977 Similar to 76 but a bit more fruit and tannin
8 1976 Soft red currant, pleasant, lots of fruit, a bit tart, long finish

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