Saturday, May 23, 2009

1978 Conn Creek Zinfandel, 1982 Clos Du Bois Merlot, 1985 Stanford/Haywood Cabernet

5/6/09-The Wednesday knitters were hosted by Carl and Kathy Hennige, and the group enjoyed another brown bagged, well made and aged 1978 Conn Creek zinfandel. Mouth filling flavors of red currants and nuts, some cherry and vanilla, and a very, very long finish.

5/13/09-The Wednesday knitters were hosted by Dave and Ann Vik and tasted an incredible brown bagged 1982 Clos Du Bois merlot. The wine was truly enjoyable with good fruit and little aged flavors. The wine was finished by the group long before any of the other younger wines. Ann Vik selected it for her dinner wine and was reluctant to share it with others.

5/20/09-The Wednesday knitters were hosted by Keith and Helen Faust and tasted a brown bagged, aged 1985 cabernet made by Haywood Winery for the Stanford alumni association. Many of the group guessed the wine to be a Bordeaux.

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