Saturday, May 2, 2009

1978 Leoville Las Cases, 1974 Louis M. Martini Zinfandel, 1979 Wente Petite Sirah

4/8/09-The knitters hosted by Ross & Donna McGuire enjoyed an elegant aged 1978 Leoville Las Cases bordeaux-boysenberry, nutty, coffee, with little tannin.

4/22/09-The knitters hosted by Gary Rose and Laura Laskowske enjoyed another amazing wine from Louis Martini winery. The well made wine was quite youthful (as was the 69 cabernet previously reported on) and as with the older zinfandels tasted earlier, had flavors more reminiscent of an aged cabernet (red currant and coffee/tobacco versus jammy blackberry).

4/29/09-The knitters hosted by Tim & Jane Curtis enjoyed a well preserved 1979 Wente petite sirah. Our experience with this varietal is that it doesn't change much after many years of ageing, and this wine was no exception. Sweet plums, fruity, little browning and paired nicely with cheese (as reported by Helen Faust).

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