Saturday, March 16, 2013

1979 Lytton Springs Zinfandel and 73 Heitz Martha’s Vineyard cabernet

3/7/13-First off, an update on the previous Post: I failed to mention the Heitz cabernet; Gary Rose nailed it, having detected eucalyptus, which is a typical flavor in Martha’s wines (some people suspect she tossed a few berries in the grape truck as it left the vineyard).  In addition, Ann Vik correctly noted that the picture of the 1984 Ch. Montelena was actually a 1982 wine (I failed to take a picture of the 1984-sorry about that!).

The 79 Zinfandel was the brown bag wine for the night, and was amazingly youthful and fruity.  As with most older zinfandels, most guessed it to be a merlot or cabernet.  The wine won a multitude of blind tastings when originally released.

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